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MCT 360 - T
Smart Sensor Technology - The MCT360-T is a true stand-alone NIRtransmitter. A single, proprietary circuit board drives the measurement along withall analog and digital communication. Includes 4-20 mA, 0-10 volts, RS-232/485or network interfaces such as Ethernet, Profibus, etc. There is no requirement forany intermediary electronics.
Optical Path Compensation - The MCT360-T's dual beam, single detectorconfiguration monitors the source lamp and all other optical elements, ensuringthat the calibration is unaffected by long term component age.
Wide Spectrum Referencing - The MCT360-T incorporates a uniquereference filter to monitor the tobacco reflectance properties across the completenear infrared (NIR) spectrum. The filter minimizes the influence of tobacco color,blend or type on the Transmitter's reading.
Measurement Speed - A proven, reliable high speed filter wheel assembly iscombined with a state-of-the-art proprietary single detector optical system. Thisfast sampling technique reduces measurement noise and produces an accurateand repeatable on-line signal.
Product Temperature Monitor - The MCT360-T can be configured tomonitor and display tobacco temperature in Fahrenheit or Centigrade. Thetemperature sensor is contained in the MCT360-T housing. No additionalhardware or wiring is required.
MCT360-T Features :
  • Single board, full surface mount electronics
  • On-board temperature control circuit for PbS detector
  • Profibus, Ethernet, Devicenet, Profinet, Modbus TCP-IP, Modbus RTU, Wireless
  • Dual Micro Technology
  • Dual Gain Filter Processing
  • Product Temperature Measurement
  • Improved A/D converters for improved measurement signal to noise ratio
  • Air purge assembly included as standard
  • Cooling panel included as standardProcess