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Industries We Serve
    Agricultural and crop research depends on measurement data, especially when evaluating the benefits of new formulations and species. Rotronic products are recognised for their reliabilty when measuring environmental conditions
Automotive & Aerospace
    Vehicle manufacture and aerospace engineering requires precise maintenance of humidity conditions to ensure processes are consistent.
    Bakery products depend on moisture and humidity for product quality and shelf life.  Rotronic equipment is widely used for process control and QC tests.
Brick & Tile
    Part of the production of bricks, concrete blocks and roof tiles involves a humidity controlled drying phase. The accuracy of Rotronic equipment ensures consistent production, minimises scrap and optimises energy use.
Climatic test, stability evaluation and plant growth chambers depend on precise and stable humidity measurement. Rotronic products are widely used in these demanding applications
    Climatic test, stability evaluation and plant growth chambers depend on precise and stable humidity measurement. Rotronic products are widely used in these demanding applications
    A drying phase is an essential part of chemical manufacturing processes. Humidity measurement is an key control component ensurimg consistent product quality and optimising production costs.
Dry Air Storage
Rotronic are approved suppliers to the Defence industry of dry air storage monitoring and control equipment. Increasingly equipment is stored in controlled humidity environments to significantly reduce maintenance costs.
    Semiconductor manufacturing demands optimised humidity environments. Electronic test specifications include specified humidity/temperature conditions.
    Many food manufacturing processes rely on humidity control.  Food preservation techniques are mainly focused on limiting the activity of water
    Climate control in buildings is generally temperature focused, but increasingly humidity is being considered essential for optimum comfort and energy use.
Leather & Textiles
    The control of prescribed humidity and temperature conditions during processing operations is essential to maintain product quality and minimise downtime. Rotronic equipment provides the accuracy required to meet these criteria.
    Accurate weather forecasting requires accurate measurements. Rotronic humidity probes have the reputation of providing accurate and reliable longterm data.
    The storage and display of valuable artifacts requires the close and precise control of the environment. Rotronic products offer the accuracy and longterm drift free performance required.
    The application of water based paints requires the precise control of the environment in which they are applied. Reliable sensors are a pre-requisite for this process.
    Paper and paper based products such as cardboard are highly sensitive to humidity and moisture levels. So during production, conversion, storage and distribution measurement and control can have significant benefits on quality.
    The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest users of humidity measurement equipment. Most drugs are sensitive to variations in humidity and moisture levels, so these need to be considered and controlled for the final products to be consistent in quality and performance.
    If there is too much moisture or humidity present within plastic granules prior to injection moulding, then imperfections such as `blow holes` can result. Spot checks using an insertion type handheld instrument on delivery from the supplier, or just prior to use can prevent quality problems.
    As a material of natural origin, rubber has a tendency to equilibrium with the humidity of the surrounding environment. If the absorbed level is too high or low, this can have a significant impact on the materials ability to be reprocessed, and the subsequent final product`s quality.
    Tobacco leaves are highly moist up until they are harvested, then depending on their type and the final use, the ERH can vary quite significantly, so measurement and control is a significant factor in processing environments and the product quality.