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XB-32 is an OEM humidity and temperature product with an impressive specification. If is particularly well suited to applications such as climatic chambers and drying systems. It is available either as a pcb and probe combination for fitting into the customer's own enclosures or housing and can also be supplied in an industry standard IP65 case.
XB-32 provides a linear analogue output of 4. 20mA or 0.10 V from a power supply of 10.35 VDC or 12.24 VAC. In addition, it can be produced with digital DIO signal. Temperature measurement is by direct connection to a Pt 100 or themistor. depending on the customer requirement. Also featured on the XB-32 is a compensation system for operation over a wide -50 . 200 C range, with integrated cable length compensation. This means that whatever the measurement temperature or the differential in temperature between sensors and electronics, optimum results will be obtained.
Highlights :
  • Accuracy of +- 2% RH from 0 to 100 % RH
  • Temperature range at the probe -50 to 200oC
  • Temperature Compensated humidity signal
  • Ready for direct 3 - wire RTD connection
  • Easy field Calibration.